Author: Renate LATO

Russia – Living Its Own Story

Ever since the sudden 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, Russia’s future and the actions of its take-charge leader Vladimir Putin have remained prominent topics within the international community. While initially expected by Western leaders to become a flourishing and proper democracy, Russia’s has proven

Moldova – Perspectives and Challenges

Moldova currently is at a crossroads between a pro-European approach represented by the current President Maia Sandu and a pro-Russian approach represented by its former President Igor Dodon. A changing international landscape, such as a progressive rapprochement between the EU and the East, may offer

Lecture by Burcu San: Role of NATO in the Baltic Sea Region

Every week participants of the Baltic Sea Region Young Leaders Academy have an opportunity to gain knowledge about important issues concerning the Baltic Sea region. Last week our participants were greeted by a special guest - Burcu San, Director of Operations, Operations Division, NATO - with