Author: Renate LATO

Drawing competition “Let’s Guard Latvia Together”

To mark the 18th anniversary of Latvia's accession to NATO, the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, and the 5th anniversary of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, in cooperation with

Masterclasses for Young European Political Leaders

LATO and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation organised online masterclasses for socially and politically active youth members – this time at European level. The Masterclasses for Young European Political Leaders convened online from March 14 until April 10. The masterclasses included lectures and discussions with security and

The Baltic States: 18 years in NATO

On the 29th of March, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia will celebrate 18 years of membership in NATO. In 18 years, the entire Baltic region has faced numerous security challenges and currently, we are facing the worst security crisis in Europe since the Cold War. What

Future of Russian Economy

On 24 February Russia launched full-scale military invasion in Ukraine. In response to Russian War against its Western neighbor, Western countries unleashed unprecedented sanctions with the aim to indispose the Russian economy and thus restrain the war. As a result, the Russian economy is directed

“A Restless Embrace of the Past” recognised by CEPS

A Restless Embrace of the Past, a book of scholarly articles by LATO Board Member and former Secretary-General Sandis Šrāders, has been recognised by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). The collection of scholarly articles was created in the framework of the Baltic Defence College's

Shota Gvineria: The Hybrid Challenge to Euro-Atlantic Security

One of the defining factors of the contemporary security environment is the quest for orienting among a wide array of modern security threats. In the 21st century, the Euro-Atlantic security community has been in search for the definition of the true nature of the crisis,

Ukraine and NATO: Today’s Lessons for Tomorrow

The Rīga Conference discussion. The war in Ukraine is the most devastating full-scale military invasion of a sovereign country since World War II. It has caused an extremely high number of civilian deaths and suffering, an astounding humanitarian crisis, and created the fastest-growing refugee crisis in

We #StandWithUkraine

Latvian Transatlantic Organisation condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Russian attack is a blatant violation of international law, attack on democracy. Our solidarity is with Ukraine and its people. Ukraine is standing for all Europe’s security and transatlantic values. LATO Chairwomen of the Board Žaneta Ozoliņa also

Lecture “Topical Issues of Moldova’s Foreign Policy” by Victoria Rosa

On Thursday, February 24, at 12.30 (GMT+2) the lecture “Topical Issuesof Moldova’s Foreign Policy” by Victoria Rosa will take place. Victoria Rosa is an expert in international relations, European affairs, security & defence, conflict studies & gender issues, civil society development, with a particular focus on EaP countries, EU,