We #StandWithUkraine

We #StandWithUkraine

Latvian Transatlantic Organisation condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Russian attack is a blatant violation of international law, attack on democracy.
Our solidarity is with Ukraine and its people. Ukraine is standing for all Europe’s security and transatlantic values.

LATO Chairwomen of the Board Žaneta Ozoliņa also signed a solidarity statement by European Council on Foreign Relations Council members, calling on all European governments to denounce Putin’s aggression, further sanction the Putin regime and support the freedom and safety of Ukrainians.

The statement by ECFR:

The Russian government has, without provocation, invaded a sovereign democratic nation at the heart of Europe. The Putin regime is, in the words of Martin Kimani, the Kenyan Ambassador to the UN, “stoking the embers of dead empires”. We, the undersigned, Europeans from all over our continent who are members of the European Council on Foreign Relations, stand resolutely in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their effort to resist this re-colonisation. Their fight is our fight. Their future lies in Europe with us, as Europeans among Europeans. We call on all our governments to #StandWithUkraine by:

  • Denouncing Putin’s aggression and exposing his lies: We must expose Putin’s lies and denounce his crimes in every international forum. We need to loudly proclaim that the Putin regime has blatantly violated the most fundamental European norms and laws of international conduct.
  • Sanctioning the Putin regime: We must impose the harshest possible sanctions on Putin and all the pillars of his regime. We need to expel all Russian intelligence personnel from all EU countries.
  • Supporting the freedom and safety of Ukrainians: We must provide for Ukrainians in their time of need by sending all kinds of aid to all those who can remain in Ukraine and offering refuge to those who cannot. We must also cancel Ukraine’s debt and allow Ukrainians special dispensation to work in the European Union.
  • Sharing the burden within Europe: European states must support each other in their efforts to stand with Ukraine. Unity and solidarity are our strengths. No EU state should have to bear the burdens of supporting Ukraine alone.We need to share the costs of sanctions, help each other to develop alternatives to Russian energy, and welcome Ukrainian refugees in every part of Europe.