Information about the youth organization of LATO – YATA Latvia

YATA Latvia is a youth organization that is a branch of the Atlantic Treaty Association’s youth network in Latvia. In the Atlantic Treaty Association, Latvia is represented by the Latvian Transatlantic Organization, which means that YATA Latvia is under the direct umbrella of LATO.

This youth organization was created with the aim of informing the public, especially young people, about international security, transatlantic relations, as well as other global current events. Any young person who is close to these topics can become a member of this youth organization – you don’t have to be an expert in this field, you just have to want to learn more and expand your world view. To join YATA Latvia, you must fill out the application form by following this link – It is important to add that the members of the youth organization are given the opportunity to participate in international conferences, go on experience exchange trips, as well as participate in discussions with experts and network with like-minded young people.

It is important to emphasize that YATA Latvia is not connected to any political movement. Although our members have a free choice to join a political party, YATA Latvia is a politically neutral youth organization. To learn more about YATA Latvia, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram or contact one of the YATA Latvia board members.

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Board members

President – Viesturs Bērziņš, [email protected]
Vice-president – Agate Mačtama, [email protected]
PR specialist – Liene Zīvere, [email protected]
Project coordinator –  Andrejs Petrovs [email protected]
Internal Communications Officer, protocoler – Trīne Žagare, [email protected]