NATO Summit: The Conundrum of Security Guarantees for Ukraine

By Sigita Struberga and Matej Kandrik Originally published in "Visegrad Insight",   The NATO Summit poses an opportunity for the West to show continued support for Ukraine against Russian aggression. While NATO members have clearly led the way with the supply of armaments and munitions, Kyiv continues

Consequences of Arctic Militarization in the Baltic region

The ongoing events in Ukraine will entirely change the strategic and political dynamics in the Baltic nations. Neighbouring Sweden and Finland’s solution to Russian aggression has been to apply for NATO membership; this single move has meant that for Russia, the Baltics can no longer

Shota Gvineria: The Hybrid Challenge to Euro-Atlantic Security

One of the defining factors of the contemporary security environment is the quest for orienting among a wide array of modern security threats. In the 21st century, the Euro-Atlantic security community has been in search for the definition of the true nature of the crisis,

Viljar Veebel: Are the Russian Speakers in Baltic States particularly vulnerable to Russia’s disinformation and fake news?

The article discusses the vulnerability of certain target groups to Russia’s disinformation and fake news campaigns as well as assesses the possibility to counteract Russia’s actions. The article focuses on five thematic categories, such as West-related narratives, NATO-related narratives, Russia related narratives, governance-related narratives, and