Author: Sandra Zilberta

Awareness project “Tell me your story”

The project created media and social media content in the Russian language (for the Russian-speaking community) in eastern part of Latvia. The created video and social media content encouraged further in-depth knowledge-based discussions on strategic communication with the socially and politically marginalized language minority groups

Game NATO Mission: Debunk Twister

The strategy board game simulating different scenarious and incidents in the field of informative challenges has been developed together with the NATO Public diplomacy division. The game aims to raise awareness, stimulate discussions and provide solid grounds for teaching informative resilience and media literacy. The players will

Future Leaders Forum 2023

The Future Leaders Forum preceding The Rīga Conference, on 18-19 October 2023, is a great opportunity for the young leaders to debate issues concerning their peers, policy makers, academics, opinion leaders and security and defence practitioners. Participation in the forum and the conference allows young

NATO Summit: The Conundrum of Security Guarantees for Ukraine

By Sigita Struberga and Matej Kandrik Originally published in "Visegrad Insight",   The NATO Summit poses an opportunity for the West to show continued support for Ukraine against Russian aggression. While NATO members have clearly led the way with the supply of armaments and munitions, Kyiv continues

Global Peace Index 2022

Global Peace Index 2022 was presented yesterday in Riga. It was only presentation in Baltic States. The Research Director of LATO Dr.Sandis Šrāders concluded after the presentation: "The global and regional security is deteriorating in an unprecedented way to allow saying: there is no time for

The Rīga Conference 2022 ideas are a seed for momentous change

The annual security and foreign policy forum, The Rīga Conference 2022, has closed on October 22. There were 640 participants present with 90 accredited media. The Conference was streamed live in Latvian, English and Russian via Latvian Television, LSM.LV, LMT Straume,, GO3 Latvija. There