Mentoring Program

The general public’s knowledge on the importance, leadership and influence of women enlisted within the defence, military and security sectors is quite minimal and their role in defence is often overlooked. This also creates numerous challenges for young women aspiring to work within the aforementioned sectors. The LATO Mentoring Program for Women Professionals tries to tackle these challenges by providing a supportive network of mentors that are at an arm’s reach.


The LATO Mentoring Program for Women Professionals targets young professionals and connects them with multiple highly ranked, highly achieving and highly reputed women professionals in the defence, military and security sectors. By connecting both the successful and the aspiring leaders the program bridges the gap in understanding and support. The program creates a network of like-minded individuals that is intended as a long-term initiative.


The program would consist of training sessions as well as individual consultations with different mentors depending on the mentees and mentors’ specialisations.


By establishing this Mentoring Program, LATO not only encourages the growth of young professionals but also raises awareness on the need for such encouragement at different levels.