Documentary Film

The aim of the documentary is to shed light on the role of women in defence, military and security and to reflect on their service to the Republic of Latvia and the NATO alliance.


The film is intended as an investigation into all aspects of the defence, military and security sectors. The investigation intends to outline opportunities for growth, break stereotypes associated with the profession and encourage discourse. It will consist of multiple interviews with women in defence at various levels of the institutional hierarchy. Although, the focus of the film is to bring to the attention of the public to the role of women in defence in Latvia, it will not solely focus at a national angle. Many years have passed since Latvia has been alone in its defence ambitions and for that reason, the film will also outline the importance of collaboration and communication at a regional and international level. Through this approach women based in Latvia as part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence can also be included within this documentary and their opinions and perceptions voiced.


The producer of the documentary film is the nationally well-known journalist Atis Klimovičs. Mr. Klimovičs has an excellent track record in producing documentary films in Latvia as well as extensive experience in researching and reporting on current affairs in the defence sector.


The film is expected to premiere at the beginning of 2022.