Game NATO Mission: Debunk Twister

Game NATO Mission: Debunk Twister

The strategy board game simulating different scenarious and incidents in the field of informative challenges has been developed together with the NATO Public diplomacy division.
The game aims to raise awareness, stimulate discussions and provide solid grounds for teaching informative resilience and media literacy.
The players will benefit from increased awareness of how important media literacy and information resilience is. The game will also enhance their understanding about NATO. It provides a support for the active citizens, teachers, opinion leaders, NGO activists and other members of the society to lead discussions on these topics in an innovative manner.

The strategy board game with eventual different scenarios/incidents simulating and addressing various actual informative challenges demonstrates the innovative character of the project. The main objective of such game development is to raise awareness, stimulate discussions and provide solid grounds for teaching about informative resilience and media literacy, NATO, and its functions, with a special emphasis on the informative operations. The activity benefits all parties involved. On the one hand, the participants benefit from increased understanding and awareness of the importance of information resilience and knowledge about NATO. On the other hand it provides support for active citizens, teachers, opinion leaders, NGO activists and other interested actors in teaching about issues mentioned above in an innovative manner. Furthermore the activity launched a campaign focusing solely on the specific game and gaming as such for teaching and learning about transatlantic security, information and societal resilience, NATO. The campaign targeted opinion leaders, civil society and the successor generation more generally. By raising their awareness and resilience we enhance the importance of strategic resilience as such at the national and institutional, as well as on international levels.


Jānis Rungulis

is a managing partner at the East Stratcom Consulting, implementing strategic communication campaigns for the European Union in the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) & delivering stratcom capacity building projects.  From 2015-2021 he was part of the EU’s East Stratcom Task Force, involved in the EUvsDisinfo team’s efforts to address pro-Kremlin disinformation in the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries. Before that Janis was the spokesperson of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU in Brussels dealing with telecommunications, transport, energy, environment, education and other topics. Janis has also worked for the leading public relations (Porter Novelli), advertising (DDB) and media agencies (Omnicom Media Group) in Latvia.

Madara Šrādere

is graphic designer with substantial layout design experience. She has worked with print press, digital materials as well as internet media analysis and research. Among her collaborators are NGOs, research institutions, media agencies, the government and private sector.

Vitālijs Rakstiņš 

is a security and resilience practitioner with 18 years of experience in the Latvian Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defence. Director of the Legal Department (2010-2012), Defence Counsellor at the Defence Mission to NATO (2012-2015), Director of the Crisis Management Department (2015-2021), Defence Counsellor to the United Kingdom (since 2021). Since 2021 non-resident resilience  adviser to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. Lecturer and researcher at Rīga Stradiņš University. Member of the international team of experts developing a resilience curriculum for defence universities (PFP Consortium, 2023-2024). Author of the books “Diaries of Hybrid War” (2022/2023), “Resistance” (2022) and “Resilience” (2023).


Game files

How to play (PDF)

The cards, version 1 (PDF)

The cards, version 2 (PDF)

14 myths about NATO (PDF)