Women, Peace and Security


As part of their focus on Women, Peace and Security, the Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO) launched its first initiative at the Rīga Conference 2020 with a discussion. In 2021, a series of different initiatives on behalf of LATO have been established including upcoming publications, a new mentoring program and a documentary film.


The promise of the Women, Peace and Security agenda set by the United Nations provides a framework for sustainable peace amidst a global crisis, and it is powered by a fearless women’s movement that knows few bounds. But, while the agenda has strong support from governments all over the world, that support hasn’t plugged the persistent implementation gaps. This is also the case in Latvia and the Baltics.


The general public’s knowledge on the importance, leadership and influence of women enlisted within the defence, military and security sectors is quite minimal and their role in defence is often overlooked. Therefore, LATO has been working on developing a series of initiatives with an overarching aim of raising awareness and understanding on women in the defence, military and security sectors.


The aim of the LATO initiatives on Women, Peace and Security are threefold:

1. To foster the aims of LATO and inform the public on issues related to defence, military and security aspects influenced by women. This is to be achieved through public discussion and informative campaigns such as the planned documentary film.

2. To provide support for young professional women in establishing their roots and encouraging their careers in the defence, military and security sectors.

3. To generate academic discourse at a high level on issues related to Women, Peace and Security and to provide recommendations of a fully inclusive nature for policy development related to women professionals.