Author: Rovena Berga

LATO, IEP and LPb assemble The Global Peace Index presentation

Latvian Transatlantic Organisation with Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) and the Latvian Association of Political Scientists (LPb)  had assembled the attendees for the Global Peace Index presentation on June 29. The presentation took place in a Zoom conference call, and it was the only

Learn how to act in a case of crisis!

In times of crisis, everyday life is changing, as critical services – electricity, gas, heating, utilities, the Internet and mobile communications – may not be available. Shops and petrol stations may not work, ATMs and payment cards may not work. The functioning of medical establishments

Participation in the LAMPA Conversation festival

For the past years, the Latvian Transatlantic Organisation has been an active participant at the LAMPA Conversation festival, as well as a co-organiser of discussions and activities organised by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia. In 2018, LATO co-organised a discussion “Who can be trusted

Summer School for Youth on Strategic Communication

In 2017, from 4 to 7 July, the Summer School for Youth on Strategic Communication took place. It gathered 18 participants from 14 different countries. Young people discussed the role of strategic communications and media in modern politics during multiple lectures and seminars. The role of media was discussed in the

Conference “Participation of Latvia in NATO: benefits for the society and the economy”

On 19 March 2016 in the Citadele conference centre representatives of the governments of the Baltic States, the defence industry and the non-governmental sector, businessmen, academics and researchers met to discuss the latest developments in the defence sector. The conference was organised by the Latvian Transatlantic Organisation, in cooperation with the Latvian Federation of

National Popper Debate Tournament about the topic “Latvia’s participation in NATO has/has not improved Latvia’s external security”

On 29 March, 2014 in the Riga State Secondary gymnasium the annual National Popper Debate Tournament took place. This time, the youth discussed the question “Latvia's participation in NATO has/has not improved Latvia's external security”. The tournament brought together 44 teams, including 132 debaters, 21 debate coaches and 28 judges from all over Latvia. Three rounds of debate were