Author: Rovena Berga

Secretary General of LATO participates in a discussion about current events in the EU and South-East Asia in the broadcast “Two Hemispheres”

Over 80 europarliamentarians have requested the resignation of European Union senior diplomat Josep Borrell following his failed visit to Moscow. The discussion also focused on five countries of the South-East Asia - Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Although there are significant differences in political and socio-economic models among these countries, they all

Julian Lindley-French: COVID-19, Europe’s Defence And The Riga Test

What are the implications for the Allied defence of Riga of COVID-19? Defence budgets will probably be plundered in many European countries to pay for ‘human’ (health) security, the growing gap between Allied defence, deterrence and threat will further increase, a further European retreat from