Essay contest for the youth

In 2018 for the third time, Latvian Transatlantic Organisation in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence, organised an essay contest for young people under 21. Participants were invited to write their reflections on two topics: “NATO’s role in the security of my country” and “Why is it important to protect Latvia?”.

The winners of this year’s contest had the chance to visit the National Armed Forces Air Force Aviation Base in Lielvārde, where they had a chance to view helicopters “Mi-17”, the aerodrome fire-fighting equipment, and meet with soldiers from the U.S. who introduced the youth with their equipment and weapons. The contestants also met with aviation-base soldiers of the National Armed Forces, who trained them how to handle an antiaircraft missile simulation system.

The Air Force Aviation Base was visited by the 1st place winner from Viļānu Secondary School Jeļizaveta Klimanova, the 2nd place winner, a student from Riga Stradins University Germans Murins, as well as the 3rd place winner from Riga State 3rd gymnasium – Tomass Stepiņš.


16. September, 2020