Author: Kristaps Celmins

Applications Open for Masterclasses for Young European Political Leaders!

LATO and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation continue the online masterclasses for socially and politically active youth members – this time at European level. The Masterclasses for Young European Political Leaders will convene online from March 14 until April 10. The masterclasses will include lectures and discussions

Is the Chinese presence in the Baltics Underestimated?

The Chinese presence in Europe and in the Baltics increases year on year. Whereas the presence of Russia has historically been prominent in the Baltics. What kind of tools does China use to increase their influence in the Baltic region? Do Chinese and Russian interests

Is Burden Sharing a Priority Concept in NATO?

Burden sharing amongst NATO allies has high importance as it is a distribution of risks and costs towards achieving a common goal. The 2 % budget threshold is only one measure on how NATO members divide their responsibilities. How has burden sharing evolved amongst NATO

The Three Seas Initative: Bringing Central Europe Up to Speed

Listen to Daunis Auers, Professor of EU Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Latvia and Ian Brzezinski Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council discuss "Three Seas Initiative". “The Three Seas Initiative (3SI) is a Central European lead initiative to accelerate the development of

5 Years Later: the Evolution of Warfare, Disinformation and Cyber Security

5 years ago at the Rīga Conference, Elīna Lange-Ionatamišvili, Senior Expert, NATO StratCom COE and András Rácz, Senior Fellow, German Council on Foreign Relations discussed issues related to cyber-security and disinformation. This interview looks at the way that warfare and foreign interference have evolved or

Strategic Considerations in the Eastern Partnership Countries

Many European Union Eastern partnership countries are striving for development and moving closer to the European Union. Nevertheless, they are facing many challenges because of the necessary reforms, popular support, and external and internal challenges. Since they are at the eastern border of the EU,

Three Seas Initiative

Three Seas Initiative is a regional platform by 12 EU member states, located between 3 seas – Baltic, Black and Adriatic. The platform is meant for fostering cooperation and investment in Central and Eastern European. Three Seas Initiative is comparatively a new project, only being

Resilience in the Spotlight

Resilience like many other things can be considered a buzzword. Resilience is being discussed in NATO, in the European Union, as well as many nations are drafting their own resilience strategies and concepts. Recent events, such as, COVID-19 and Suez Canal blockage, reminded countries to

Value of the Voice of Youth

There is a lot of talk that youth involvement and education are essential for shaping the future, so more and more institutions are trying to introduce a youth perspective. If we are speaking not only regionally but also internationally, several organisations also offer different programmes

Problems and Misconceptions of Israel-Palestine Conflict

The confrontations across Israel-Palestine are well on the way to becoming one of the worst spasms of violence there in recent memory. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has a long and complex history, however over the last few weeks the violence has escalated bringing it to the

EU-US Relationship – What’s Next?

Over the last few years, discussions on the future of the EU-US relationship have become increasingly important. Even though a new administration has taken over some questions have lingered. Where does the EU-US relationship stand? Can we say that there is a unilateral understanding within