Future Leaders Forum 2021

Future Leaders Forum 2021

The Rīga Conference Future Leaders Forum (RC FLF) is a side event of The Rīga Conference. The forum aims to bring together young professionals who are interested in defence and security, foreign policy, and global economic issues. Their participation is based on a few important principles such as a background in academia, journalism, government, or NGO affairs.

The event will concentrate on the main defence and security issues within the framework of NATO and the EU such as the NATO 2030 agenda, European strategic autonomy, issues related to resilience in the face of new threats from the East and the South, as well as crisis decision-making. The young participants of RC FLF 2021 will primarily discuss and debate these topical issues.

The panel discussions will bring together field professionals, politicians, and academics from Europe and North America with the young professionals of the forum. The aforementioned topics will be debated, and the young leaders will seek answers to the question: what can the present leadership do to make the world a safer, better, and more stable and prosperous place? Participants will also participate in a simulation game, group discussions and other interactions between themselves and with lecturers, discussants and trainers. Additionally, they have the opportunity to participate in The Rīga Conference itself by joining the sessions and discussions.

The applicants should meet the following eligibility requirements:
• Be between 18 and 30 years old
• Have demonstrated their leadership skills and interest to take an active role in political and social processes
• English language skills allowing them to take an active part in all activities of the forum

To participate, it is necessary for students to send in their CV and a short motivation letter (700-900 words maximum) until the 25th of September to [email protected].

Please note that ten participants will be selected to join in-person, other will be welcomed to join online. All successful applicants will be notified by the 27th of September.

NB: only fully vaccinated individuals with a valid EU certificate of vaccination will be able to attend in-person.